How To Install WordPress Fast Using cPanelThe easiest and fastest way to install WordPress on your domain is by using software installation scripts found inside the account management panels of most web hosting services.

In this tutorial you will learn how to install WordPress in minutes using a cPanel software installation program script called “Fantastico”.


We recommend hosting on servers that offer cPanel hosting management. Make sure that your web hosting account has cPanel with the Fantastico Software Installation script configured as this will make installing a WordPress site on your domain a really simple and very quick process (see the end of this tutorial for other options).

If you are hosting on a server with cPanel and you do not see a program called Fantastico installed, then ask your webhost provider to install it on your server.

If you need more information about choosing a web hosting provider then see our tutorial on how to choose a web hosting provider

If you are not using cPanel hosting, then please see our tutorial on how to install WordPress manually using FTP.

How To Install WordPress On Your Domain

Watch the video below and then refer to the step-by-step instructions to learn how to install WordPress on your domain in minutes using cPanel …

How To Install WordPress – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Login to your web hosting account …

cPanel Login Screen

If you have just set up a new domain and logged into your webhosting account for the first time, you may need to go into the “Email Accounts” area in the “Mail” section of your cPanel administration area and set up your email addresses, aliases, forwarders, usernames, passwords, etc. again.

Set Up Email Accounts

For help setting up email accounts, see this tutorial: How To Create An Email Account In cPanel

Click on the “Fantastico” icon in the “Software / Services” section of your cPanel administration screen …

Fantastico Installation Program

Select “WordPress” from the installation items menu (listed under “Blogs”), and choose “New Installation” to set up a new blog on your domain …

Installing WordPress

The first of three installation screens appears.

Fill in the fields as explained below, then click on “Install WordPress” …

WordPress Set Up

  1. Install in directory” field:
    • If installing site as the MAIN SITE on your domain address, then leave this field blank.
    • If installing site as a business blog on an existing site, then enter a name for the subfolder where your blog will be installed (e.g. “blog” without the quote marks – your site will then be installed on domain )
  2. Administrator-username” field: Choose a login username for your site’s administration area.
  3. Password” field: Choose a password for your site’s administration area.
  4. AdminNickname” field: Your nickname will appear as the author of all posts added to your site. Tip: Choose a nickname that contains a keyword-related to your business. For example, if you own a Golf-related business, you may want to choose a nickname like “Golf Editor”, “Mike’s Golf Store”, “The Golfing Expert”, etc …
  5. Admin e-mail” field: Enter your email address here.
  6. Site Name” field: What you enter here will appear as the title of your site (e.g. “Mike’s Golf Store” or
  7. Description” field: What you enter here appears below the title of your site.
    Tip: Create a keyword-rich description that also makes sense to your site’s visitors (e.g. “Discounted Golf Equipment, Golfing Accessories And Gifts For Golfers”
  8. Click “Install WordPress” when done to continue the installation process.

Complete Step 2 of the installation process by clicking the “Finish installation” button …

WordPress Installation

In Step 3, choose “Send E-Mail” to email yourself a copy of your installation details, which will include your site’s login and password details …

WordPress Installation

To view your new WordPress installation, click on “Back to WordPress overview

WordPress Installation

Click on “Visit site” …

WordPress Installation

Your new site opens in a new browser window. You can now login to your WordPress Admin area and begin using your new site …

Wordpress Site

Congratulations … you have installed a new WordPress site!

WordPress Installation – Additional Notes

Save and/or print the WordPress Installation email you will receive from your hosting server. It contains important details about your new installation …

WordPress Installation Email“Fantastico” is a popular software installation program used by many webhosting providers, but it’s not the only program that will help you automatically install WordPress with a few mouse clicks.

Some hosts may offer different software installation programs as an alternative, or in addition to Fantastico. If you don’t see Fantastico listed in your cPanel admin area, look for alternative, such as Softaculous, Simple Scripts, etc.

WordPress Installation Software

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